Thursday, September 17, 2009

How do you like our blog's new look?

I've made changes to our Damulog Community Blog. Hope you like it. It's the product of arduous googling for blogger templates and a little customization of HTML codes.

Well, I'll be going to Damulog soon for the fiesta (hoho! kaon na pud) and I'll gather as much information that I could so I'll be able to update this blog. If lucky enough, I might be able to gather more articles, photos and videos for this site. If you have specific request, like a photo of a specific person or a place in Damulog you have not seen for years, please do leave your message below. I will try my very best to fetch it for you.

That's all for now and advanced Happy Fiesta!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Damulog Bukidnon is on the 'Webs'

Last year I googled Damulog on the web and I was disappointed to see only a few note-worthy articles about Damulog, Bukidnon. And yes, my disappointments include the short description of our place in Wikipedia. But what can I say? Damulog was once just an unheard community in this side of the planet.

But now I hope this would change as Damulog had finally launched its new home on the ‘webs’. Yes, you’ve read it right: Damulog is on the ‘webs’, because our official URL address is and it’s dubbed as Damulognon Ko! Hope you’ll remember that!

Damulognon Ko! is our home on the web. It is an online community dedicated to bringing Damulognons around the world closer to home.

Damulognon Ko! provides comprehensive info about Damulog on its PROFILE page which is sourced from the Local Government Unit of Damulog. The site also provides links to Damulog-related sites and Damulognon-owned blogs, as well as access to Friendster, Twitter and Facebook profiles. There are also galleries of videos and photos which any Damulognon would like to see, though most of these are a bit amateur in look and feel, they still will give you that chilling feelings that you misses home, specially if you’ve been away for a very long time.There also plenty of features such as membership (members can directly upload videos, photos and articles to site), forums, polls and a guest book. A great site to visit, indeed!

Damulognon Ko! Kung Damulognon ka, then you should pay us a VISIT!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Welcome to Damulog, Bukidnon!

Damulog is a 4th class municipality in the province of Bukidnon, Philippines. According to the 2000 census, it has a population of 20,332 people in 4,073 households. Damulog is politically subdivided into 17 barangays.

  1. Aludas
  2. Angga-an
  3. Tangkulan (Jose Rizal)
  4. Kinapat
  5. Kiraon
  6. Kitingting
  7. Lagandang
  8. Macapari
  9. Maican
  10. Migcawayan
  11. New Compostela
  12. Old Damulog
  13. Omonay
  14. Poblacion (New Damulog)
  15. Pocopoco
  16. Sampagar
  17. San Isidro
Land Area 245.66 km2 (94.85 sq mi)
Total Population (2000) 20,332
- Density 83/km2 (214/sq mi)
Time zone PST (UTC+8)
ZIP code 8721
Area code(s) 88


Damulog History, Physical Features & Climate
Damulog Economy & People
Damulog Tourism & Agriculture
Damulog Municipal Officials

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Damulog & DATTE Club Download Links

I've made this post so that individuals who seek info and news on Damulog & DATTE Club might be able to download them here.

1. Damulog Bukidnon Municipal Profile
Damulog Bukidnon History, Economy, Agriculture, Health, Education

2. Damulog Theater Teen's (DATTE) Club Profile
History, Goals, Members, Activities, Achievements

3. 2008 Araw ng Damulog Program of Activities
Opening at Tangkulan, Damulog Dream Academy, U Can Dance!, Variety Show

4. DATTE Club Member's Testimonials
Some testimonials of DATTE Club members for each batch.

5. Damulog Municipal Officials
Municipal officials, Poblacion barangay officials, Damulog barangay health workers.

6. 6th Araw ng Poblacion Program of Activities
Basketball league, parade, variety show, cock fighting, disco, exhibit

7. DATTE Club Kabarkada Awards 2008 Guide
Awards on performing arts, others performances

8. Minutes of Monthly Meeting (Damulog-CYPD)
Excerpts from Concerned Youth for Population Development meeting

9. Damulog CYPD Press Release
"Damulog CYPD Focuses on Holistic Development and Environmental Care"

10. Damulog Photo Exhibit Part 1
Minlaya, Camp Malingling, other pics.

11. Damulog Photo Exhibit Part 2
Minlaya, Camp Malingling, other pics.

If there's problem downloading, CLICK HERE for direct download.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Damulog is Home

“Damulog? Saan ‘yon?”

That would be the familiar response I get when I tell new friends about the place I come from (Ahm, pardon for the Tagalog as I’m in Manila in the time of this writing, LOL). Then they would add, “Maganda ba don?” “Paano ka makakapunta?” “Sa Pilipinas ba ‘yan?” and many other what’s-that and I-never-heard-of-that questions.

Unfortunately, more questions surface as I try to answer their queries.

> Damulog is in Bukidnon.

San naman ‘yan?” “Eh di maraming pinya don!?” “As in, bukid?

> Damulog is in Mindanao.

Ha? E di magulo don?” “Ah, so malapit kayo sa Basilan?

To relieve myself from the burden of answering so many questions, I decided to create this post (Ahh, kaya pala..) Well, this post is about Damulog as you can read and see. I have so many things to say about the place but I’m speechless as of the moment. So I guess, I’ll just show you what Damulog is like and leave everything to your judgment.

Damulog's Youth Group Connects Thru the Internet

From DATTE Club's Blog Site

Damulog Theater Teen's Club (DATTE Club) is making its presence known all over the world in the vast web of the internet. Be-friend it in Friendster, MySpace & Multiply. Follow it in Twitter. Watch it in YouTube & Picasa Web Albums. Learn about it in Google Site, Blogger, LiveJournal &… and much more will develop soon.

Friendster: Add us using email:

DATTE Club Friendster Profile

Google Site:

Welcome Kabarkada!

: Follow us on Twitter to receive regular news updates on recent activities.

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Picasa Web Albums
: Watch photos of DATTE Club activities.

DC on Picasa Watch your favorite DATTE Club amateur videos.

My Space

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Multiply: See our multiply site by clicking image below.

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Damulog Municipal Officials

Hon. Romeo P. Tiongco
Municipal Mayor

Hon. Tomas C. Estudillo
Municipal Vice Mayor

Municipal Councilors

1. Hon. Tomas G. Tero
2. Hon. Vicente Badic
3. Hon. Rafael Orque
4. Hon. Alberto Salmasan
5. Hon. Samuel Gogo
6. Hon. Dario Benito
7. Hon. Roberto Ocdenaria
8. Hon. Leonard S. Mabalos

ABC President Hon. Ruben G. Tero

SK Federation Pres Hon. Jefferd E. Quia-ot